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Looking For A Local Events Production Company? We’re Rolling!

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There’s a lot of work involved in organizing any event, whether it’s a nonprofit showcase, a corporate event, sports recap, or even a Chamber of Commerce production. You’ve spent all this time planning everything meticulously so it goes off without a hitch, and then it’s over!

Unless, of course, you add the right tools to leverage the experience for significantly more value.

Event video production projects create longevity well beyond a one-time presentation. You’ll have this showpiece to use continuously for years to come, so the value of this one event is now far bigger than the attendance that day.

Selling tickets, products, memberships, or even asking for donations is a lot easier when you have a good mechanism in place to continue doing so after the event. As a one-time cost, the ability to continuously empower your sales efforts is an excellent return on investment.

Events Videos Are Great For:

  • Promoting your next event via email campaigns, social media, and more.
  • Automating parts of your sales process
  • Provide a strong icebreaker for presentations, meetings, or even at an actual event itself.

Colleges: Orientations to Graduation Recaps

We love working with colleges and capturing the excitement felt throughout at graduation events, or showing off the majesty of the campus with creative aerial footage. Those are the stories we love to create, and what helps motivate tomorrow’s students to enroll.

Corporate Events, Presentations, and Panel Discussions

The ability to highlight great moments in a corporate event, focus on key speakers, and give them something to share to their own audiences puts more attention on the event. Participants and others can learn further from the presentation by re-watching later.

Customer appreciation events are also big ones where the production ROI speaks for itself.

Chamber of Commerce Events

Recording presentations on the benefits of the Chamber itself can be used to promote new memberships. Local keynote speakers and Visionary Investment sessions are all useful and sought-after events that have real value for sharing afterward. (For those being featured as well as the Chamber itself.)

Relatedly, ribbon cutting events for new businesses or established ones moving to larger facilities are natural fits for video production. The video’s exposure is a logical extension of the ribbon cutting’s purpose, and drawing attention to the positive attendance creates the perception of demand that any business can benefit from.

Nonprofit Events & Fundraisers

Sometimes good potential donors can’t make it to a given event, or for a variety of reasons donating that day didn’t happen. Creating a compelling showcase of your event is a proven augmenter to following up with attendees or seeking new ones.

These kinds of videos are great for obtaining further donations, both because they enhance the perceived legitimacy of the nonprofit’s mission but also in simply being a powerful second impression. (And we all know repetition is important in any kind of sales.)

People feeling joy, overcoming challenges, and doing things they love are all powerful imagery. Moreover, a video that succinctly demonstrates the mission/outcome the fundraiser supports is evocative, especially when that video is used in subsequent events.

5Ks, Cycling, and Other Race Events

These are big ones where video production is an obvious fit. The combination of boots on the ground and aerial footage, exciting production quality, and “right in it” feel have proven very successful as promo material for all sorts of organizations.

We would love to talk to you about your next event and explain our process! If you’ve got something in the works, let’s talk.