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Canter Hype Video

Canter wanted the energy that a proper celebration deserves. But let’s be honest—working in an office space isn’t always the most exciting.

So at the beginning of the project, TCM generated three unique pitches of how to approach this project. The client chose our favorite pitch: part Independence Day, part action cam.

In order to get the action we envisioned, we shot listed specific office elements (white boards, sticky notes, etc.) and composed the shot and movement to be as interesting as possible.

All principal footage was capture at an all-day shoot at the company HQ in Greensboro, NC, while shooters in Houston & Miami were coordinated to capture the on-location shooting there.

Great pre-production turned into a great final product. And needless to say, Canter was stoked.

Behind the scenes photos of one of the dynamic “push” shots.