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Drone Videography Services

The days of the wild west in drone video are gone.


No longer can anyone just record drone video whenever and wherever they please — unless lawsuits are your thing. There are many areas where it’s illegal to fly a drone without special permission.

Local regulation is only increasing, so you need someone in good standing with the authorities who can pull all the right permits and do it by the book. Then you’re not worried about the production itself, nor whether using the footage afterward could get you in trouble.

We’ll make sure you get mind-blowing shots without any hassle afterward.

Let’s grab a coffee and discuss your production goals!

Aerial Video Production Around Winston Salem – New Apartments and Local Events

From apartment complexes looking to showcase the properties to local events (like 5Ks), drone videography is an increasingly popular visual storytelling medium. We’ve had great success producing stunning videos for local apartments, colleges, construction companies, and local events.

Video footage from the ground is important, too, but drone video capture adds two significant aspects to your presentation:

  1. It’s footage nobody else has or can readily imitate, especially for events where many others are probably getting photos and videos of their own.
  2. Aerial angles capture a much wider scope of what’s going on, making everything seem grander and more official.

Simply put, hiring a drone video production company gives you absolute flexibility over the kinds of footage you can incorporate. You don’t have to compromise on your vision.

Drone Videography Is Great For:

  • Showcasing complex views of apartments, colleges, malls, or other commercial properties
  • Announcing the completion of construction projects, and promoting viewing events
  • Creating B-roll footage as an attractive and relevant part of a larger video project
  • Following vehicles or runners for an incredibly smooth perspective

See it for yourself below!

Video Link

Drone Operation

LINK Apartments at Innovation Quarter

LINK Apartments needed to promote their new apartments in downtown Winston-Salem in a way that would stick out from the rest. So we gave them some dynamic drone shots to showcase their new living spaces.