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Social Media Video Program

Get fresh social media video content every month!


Tired of not getting any traction on social? Chances are it’s a content problem.

We get it — everyone and their mother is doing social media marketing. But not everyone is doing it well.

That’s where you can stand out. Plain text posts or links to your other material get swallowed up in the noise, and planning your strategy around those things can lead to frustration. Video content stops scrolling in its tracks, and leaves a viewer with something that sticks with them — especially when they see this kind of output from you on a regular basis.

Our monthly content subscription means you’ll have an ongoing arsenal of professionally produced video content for your social media channels. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, and you can post and build your audience in a modern way.

If you’re ready to budget video production into your social media campaigns,
let’s grab coffee and talk!

We help with creative direction, production, and editing all the way to the finished video.

Business owners often ask about this, since no one wants to be stuck with a bunch of raw footage that becomes another thing to handle. Our program creates a smooth process for meeting to create ongoing material, with finished videos delivered to you for distribution each month.

We communicate regularly throughout production.

We’ll let you know when we’re in the editing phase, and when we have highlight drafts for you to review. No video is called finished or goes live without your approval, and most projects require 3 edits or less for something everyone is proud of.